I started THE NETWORK in April of 2006 for the sole purpose of fulfilling a personal need and since then has evolved into much more. I had just relocated to the Orlando area and was in search of a networking circle I could identify with. For instance, I found it difficult to find an African American physician, lawyer, black organizations, or events that would be of interest to my colleagues and me. I was able to find a few helpful websites, however they often offered only part of what I was looking for. It was difficult to keep up with different web addresses. I wanted information and I wanted to be able to access it in a relatively easy manner. I also wanted opportunities that would allow me to achieve a higher level of economic and social success all while giving back to the community. The Orlando area has a large professional African American population but we tend to be scattered and out of touch. So it is my goal to help bring this community together.

So I give you…THE NETWORK ORLANDO. A non-profit organization that offers a web site and events where the professional African American - living, working, and/or visiting the Orlando area - can obtain information that pertains to their interests and lifestyles. An avenue to share information, resources, and advertise, but most of all to network. THE NETWORK will provide you with information on businesses, career opportunities, health, local organizations, and upcoming events.

THE NETWORK is not just one person; it is a community. So please use this as an opportunity for growth and to build upon your success. This is your chance to network with other professionals that are like you. Others that share your same drive, will for success, business savvy, and commitment to giving back to the community.

We Own Our Success!